Workshop Management System

SEPANA offers a web-centric solution for independent garages, facilitating seamless management of tasks, parts, and invoices across various devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users.


Time to say goodbye to your paper diary and old-fashioned desktop software. Here are three big reasons you should try out SEPANA today.

Save Money

Up to 90% cheaper than other software

Save Time

Save an hour a day of admin

Sell More

Boost your garage income by 20%

Fix more cars. Not computers.

Managing and paying for computer hardware and garage software can be an expensive and painful process that distracts you from your core business of fixing cars.

Easy Setup.

SEPANA will help you with step by step guide setup for the first time

  • STEP 1

    SEPANA can add new employee with data input such as name, email, password, national ID, etc

  • STEP 2

    SEPANA can assign new technician and can assign as personal or team

  • STEP 3

    SEPANA can add new part and can input data such as category, name, part number, SKU, barcode number, etc

  • Step 4

    SEPANA can add new labour and can input data such as category, tax, estimation hour, price per hour, etc. The labour rate are depending on the shop and the type of work being done.

Everything a garage needs.

SEPANA is jam-packed with simple and smart features designed to make managing your workshop and sales operation easier.


Manage your customer's workshop visit all the way from booking in throught to driving away happy


Create flexible, branded invoices for your workshop or car sales operation in moments then save, print and share with your customers


Try car sales software without the complication. SEPANA helps car dealers simplify and improve their operations from anywhere


Look-up parts, service times and repair schedules for every make and model of car and add them to your jobcards with our TecAlliance integration.


Store your parts, services and accessories for use on jobs, quotations and invoices.


Get an accurate drill-down on all the areas of your business instantly with powerful, insightful reporting.

Our Statistic.

This section will show how many invoices the app has printed, registered workshops and registered customers.

  • number of invoices
    that have printed
  • number of consumers
    who have registered
  • number of workshops
    that registered

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